Eclipse Adoptium Welcomes You

After months of hard work, the process to stand up Eclipse Adoptium has begun!

Firstly we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Eclipse Foundation for how supportive they have been throughout this entire process. Moving an active open source project with over a quarter of a billion downloads is no small feat! Especially when you throw a rebrand into the equation at the same time. There are several key changes to the project assets that have been summarised below.

New Name & Logo

As part of the move to the Eclipse Foundation, we decided to rebrand and change the name from AdoptOpenJDK to Adoptium:

Adoptium Logo

Many of you will have seen the new logo rollout to GitHub, Twitter, Slack and more over the last few days!

New Locations

Several of our online locations have also been changed over the last few days:

AccountOld NameNew Name
GitHubAdoptOpenJDKEclipse Adoptium

In most cases we have been able to leave a forward pointer from the old to the new location, but there may still be places we need to fixup. We’ll keep you updated, and let us know if you see places that look like they have been missed.

When will Adoptium begin producing binaries?

The Adoptium working group will be promoting a number of high-quality binaries, including the group’s own Temurin binaries which will be produced by the Eclipse Temurin project. It will take some time to fully migrate our build farm and code. The current expectation is that the first formal release of Eclipse Temurin binaries will be the July quarterly updates. Make sure to monitor this blog and for more updates!

(Ed: 2021-04-19 Minor updates to text and links)


Do you have questions or want to discuss this post? Hit us up on the Adoptium Slack workspace!

George Adams

Posted by George AdamsJava Program Manager @microsoft, Chair of Adoptium WG Steering Committee, Core Collaborator @nodejs