Adoptium to Promote Broad Range of Compatible OpenJDK Builds

As the AdoptOpenJDK project transitions to Eclipse Adoptium our scope is being clarified. Rather than build and distribute different JVM choices directly, Adoptium will build our own binary called Eclipse Temurin and market and promote a wide variety of JDK releases that are produced by our working group members, are certified by the Java SE TCK test suite, and meet our own AQAvit quality criteria.

The Java SE TCKs are the confidential and proprietary intellectual property of Oracle. The Eclipse Adoptium projects and committers are provided access to the Java SE TCKs via an agreement between the Eclipse Foundation and Oracle, with restrictions as outlined in the Licensing section of the Adoptium project charter.

Eclipse OpenJ9 based JDK releases will not be directly distributed by the Adoptium project as they currently are at the AdoptOpenJDK project, but they will be available from IBM alongside other distributions by following links to trusted builders that meet our quality criteria.

The Adoptium community will be focusing its own nightly and release binary build and test efforts on our own Temurin distribution of OpenJDK, which we hope to have ready later this year. We will continue to target the same support timescales, breadth of platforms, and the same coverage of Java release levels as AdoptOpenJDK does today.

(Ed: 2021-04-19 Minor updates to text)


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Tim Ellison

Posted by Tim Ellison