Eclipse Temurin 17 Available

Adoptium is happy to announce the immediate availability of Eclipse Temurin 17. As always, all binaries are available free of charge without usage restrictions on a wide range of platforms.

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New and Noteworthy

Overview of Java 17 Features

For a complete list of the enhancements (including ones that only impact developers of OpenJDK), see the JDK 17 overview over at OpenJDK.

Eclipse Temurin for Alpine Linux With musl libc

Alpine Linux is a popular Linux distribution for container workloads because of its small footprint. Contrary to most other Linux distributions, Alpine Linux is not based on the C library created by the GNU project (usually referred to as “glibc”) but uses musl libc instead. So far, OpenJDK has not supported musl libc but only glibc. With Eclipse Temurin 17, this is no longer necessary. We now have separate variants of Eclipse Temurin 17 that are purpose-built for musl libc that can be downloaded as a tarball and are also available as ready-made container images.


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George Adams

Posted by George AdamsJava Program Manager @microsoft, Chair of Adoptium WG Steering Committee, Core Collaborator @nodejs