Availability of JDK 8u352-b05 Early Access Build

Announcing an Early Access Build of JDK 8u352-b05

Heads up to the community of an upcoming specification in JDK 8 which described in detail by JDK 8 Updates Project Lead, Andrew Haley in this article, JDK 8 Maintenance Release 4. It is a recommended concise bit of reading that advises what to proactively look for in your applications to ensure that you will not hit any issues upon picking up the October update of JDK 8.

To aid in this recommendation to test that your application code will handle the specification change gracefully, we have created an early access build of JDK 8u352-b05 (activities outlined in temurin-build/issues/3089).

A Table of Convenient Links

While you can find the complete set of artifacts for the Eclipse Temurin JDK 8u352-b05 Early Access Build for all the platforms that we build, test and distribute at this temurin8-binaries repository, please find a set of convenient API links to selected artifacts in the table below.

Operating SystemArchitectureLinks to Artifacts
Linuxx64JDK / JRE
Linuxaarch64JDK / JRE
Linuxppc64leJDK / JRE
LinuxarmJDK / JRE
MacOSaarch64JDK / JRE
Windowsx64JDK / JRE
Windowsx32JDK / JRE
Alpine-linuxx64JDK / JRE
Solarisx64JDK / JRE
Solarissparcv9JDK / JRE

These binaries are not intended to serve in production, but are intended to let users take active steps to verify application code ahead of October. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in our Slack workspace.


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Shelley Lambert

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