Eclipse Temurin 8u362, 11.0.18, 17.0.6 and 19.0.2 Available

Adoptium is happy to announce the immediate availability of Eclipse Temurin 8u362, 11.0.18, 17.0.6 and 19.0.2. As always, all binaries are thoroughly tested and available free of charge without usage restrictions on a wide range of platforms. All binaries are available from the Temurin download page.

New and Noteworthy

Removal of from container images

The latest Eclipse Temurin container releases will no longer be shipped with the file. This is a ~50MB file that in nearly all Docker use-cases was unncessary and bloated the overall image size. See Remove from container images for more context and also Remove from the latest Java releases (an upstream official Docker discussion).

Addition of Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI)

Red Hat UBI 9 minimal base images were added to the Eclipse Temurin registry. With Centos 7 due to be deprecated in June 2024, it is recommended that Centos users consider migrating to the newer UBI images. The tag schema for UBI 9 minimal images is eclipse-temurin:<tag-name>-ubi9-minimal. The full set of UBI tags can be viewed on Docker Hub.

Changes to Root Certificate Authorities (Root CAs)

This release contains the following Root CA changes as described in the Mozilla Meta-bug #1794506


  • None


  • Network Solutions Certificate Authority
  • SwissSign Platinum CA - G2
  • EC-ACC (CA Operator: Consorci AOC, CATCert)
  • Staat der Nederlanden EV Root CA

Temurin 17 support for AIX

Up until now, Adoptium has not released a version of Eclipse Temurin 17 for AIX. As of Temurin 17.0.6+10, AIX is now fully supported. Please see Supported Platforms for specific details.

Release Notes

Since moving to the Eclipse Foundation, we haven’t published release notes to our site. While they’re not quite ready to go live yet, we expect them to be available in the coming weeks. Watch this space for more information!


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