Sign the Eclipse Contributor Agreement

Sign the Eclipse Contributor Agreement

To contribute to this project the Eclipse Contributor Agreement (ECA) must be signed. This document will walk you through this process.

First, you need to create an Eclipse Foundation account.

  1. Go to the Eclipse Registration page

  2. Fill all Required fields and submit

    • Eclipse expects you to use the entered E-Mail address for every contribution, e.q. for git

  3. Activate your account via the activation link in your mailbox

    • The sender should be with the subject Eclipse Account Registration

You are one step away from becoming an Eclipse Contributor, we just need to sign the ECA.

Sign the ECA

Signing the ECA is straightforward and is done online.

  1. Navigate to the login page of Eclipse Accounts page

  2. Login with your E-Mail address and password

  3. Eclipse Accounts navigates you directly to the sign page

    • Read the ECA

    • Enter the requested information

    • Submit via Accept button

Now the Status panel in the upper right corner should show that you signed the Eclipse Contributor Agreement. It should look like this:

one green dot at Eclipse Contributor Agreement

ECA Sign check failed, but why?

For every pull request, a GitHub Action verifies that the author signed the Eclipse Contributor Agreement. This can fail if:

  • You have not got an Eclipse Account

  • You have not signed the Eclipse Contributor Agreement

  • You have configured git to use a different E-Mail address than you used to sign the ECA

If none of the above is the case, feel free to reach out to the maintainers.

How to change the author E-Mail address for existing commits

In order for the ECA check to pass, all commits in the pull request must have been authored with the E-Mail address used to sign the ECA.

To change the author for the last commit:

git commit --amend --author 'Author Name <>' --no-edit

To change the author for the last N commits:

git rebase -i HEAD~4 -x "git commit --amend --author 'Author Name <>' --no-edit"

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