AQAvit™ Quality Verification Suite Policy


AQAvit is the quality evaluation project for Java SE runtimes and associated technology. AQAvit takes a functionally complete Java runtime and ensures that all the additional qualities are present that make it suitable for production use. These quality criteria include good performance, exceptional security, resilience and endurance, and the ability to pass a wide variety of application test suites.

AQAvit Software Product Verification

Eclipse AQAvit tests are made available to the public at no charge as open source licensed software. You can fork, copy or modify the AQAvit software subject to the terms of the software license.

Nominated releases of the AQAvit quality verification suite (QVS) are available under the Eclipse Foundation Quality Verification Suite License (QVSL). A software product will be deemed to be “verified” by the AQAvit QVS if it fully and completely meets and satisfies all requirements of the AQAvit QVS as described in the QVSL.

It is not necessary to be an Adoptium working group member to produce an AQAvit verified software product.

Factual Statements about AQAvit testing

Anyone can run the AQAvit test suites and make factually correct statements about the results.

“AQAvit” is a registered trademark of the Eclipse Foundation and is managed under the Eclipse Foundation Guidelines for Eclipse Logos & Trademarks Policy. As such, the use of Eclipse’s marks or any similar description is not permitted in conjunction with any software or related services. You may only use the term “AQAvit” and use the AQAvit project logo with permission of the Eclipse Foundation.

Changes to this policy are made by the Adoptium Working Group Steering Committee.

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