Adoptium Welcomes Rivos

Adoptium welcomes Rivos

We are excited to announce that Rivos has joined the Adoptium working group and will push forward the support of RISC-V in Eclipse Temurin.

Why join the Adoptium Working group?

Puneet Kumar, CEO of Rivos, outlines the importance of Java on RISC-V.

We know Java is prevalent in the datacenter for high-performance applications. Contributing to Adoptium is the best way to bring fully compliant and open Java to our RISC-V users.

Through the open development model of Temurin and its use of AQAvit, we know users are guaranteed a highly compatible and secure Java. Working hand in hand with the OpenJDK community, Rivos’ goal is to develop a highly performant Java that takes full advantage of the RISC-V architecture.

Every release of Temurin has passed Java SE compatibility tests for conformity to standards and the rigorous Eclipse AQAvit verification suite for added confidence of quality. Adoptium’s Java SE binaries are always free to use at no cost under an open-source license and are production-ready for the most demanding environments.

Adoptium’s AQAvit quality program not only checks the functional correctness of the runtime but also puts each release under long-running stress workloads, checks the runtime performance characteristics, tests compatibility with open source libraries, and tests that a range of known security vulnerabilities have been fixed before awarding a pass.

Part of the Adoptium Working Group as a Strategic member

Rivos is the latest company to join Alibaba Cloud, Azul Systems, Google, Huawei, Karakun, Microsoft, and Red Hat as Strategic Members of the Adoptium working group. Strategic members are organizations that view Adoptium’s technology as critical to their future and are investing significant resources to sustain and define the core activities that are the responsibility of the working group.

Strategic Members can be part of the steering committee and other subcommittees, such as quality assurance, infrastructure, branding and marketing subcommittee, and others as deemed necessary by the working group Steering Committee.

The goals of the working group include ensuring that Adoptium Temurin remains a high-quality, secure, and trusted Java distribution for developers and enterprise users alike. Cloud companies and modern organizations dependent upon Java recognize that Adoptium gives them assurances for long-term availability of Java that is free to use everywhere and a direct say in the quality and resiliency of their Java runtimes used in production.

Further information

Adoptium is excited to welcome Rivos to the working group and project work, and we look forward to accelerating our shared goals together.

Organizations interested in joining the Adoptium working group are invited to discuss their options with the membership team in the first instance. Everyone is welcome to participate in Adoptium projects by joining the conversation on our Slack space.


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