Eclipse AQAvit™

AQAvit logo

Eclipse AQAvit is the quality and runtime branding evaluation project for Java SE runtimes and associated technology. During a release it takes a functionally complete Java runtime and ensures that all the additional qualities are present that make it suitable for production use. These quality criteria include good performance, exceptional security, resilience and endurance, and the ability to pass a wide variety of application test suites. In addition to verifying that functionally complete runtimes are release ready, the AQA tests may also serve to verify new functionality during runtime development.

The AQAvit Name

The AQAvit project gets its name from Adoptium Quality Assurance ‘AQA’ and ‘vit’ for vitality and speed. As the project engages with vendors and enterprise consumers, the test suite is expanded and improved to keep pace with the latest Java releases and to continuously raise the quality bar through collaboration and rigour.

AQAvit Project Central

As listed in the Developer Resources section of the Eclipse Foundation AQAvit project page, AQAvit is comprised of many repositories. The central one is the aqa-tests repository which houses the project’s test definition files, much of the project’s documentation and is the base for running the AQAvit test suite. To participate in the project, people are invited to join the Adoptium Slack workspace and ask questions in the #testing-aqavit channel.

AQAvit Verification

The AQAvit project was created to “make quality certain to happen.” AQAvit certification is achieved through the process of running and passing a prescribed and versioned set of tests in the AQAvit test suite.

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